Monday, August 6, 2012

Lift Off

Tomorow Jon and myself fly to Pakistan, and if all the travelling goes well, we should be established at our basecamp in the Charakusa valley by next saturday, fingers crossed!

Scafell from work. My boss wasn't happy last time i put up a photo of his farm as he said it looked dirty..... So here's a nicer one.

Jake on the Gravity Wave project. Although the weather's been pretty bad this summer in the UK, i've been out a fair bit, but mainly on the legs, with lots of hill reps.

The awesome Goal Zero "Sherpa 120" solar set up.  Powering weather forecasts and much more at basecamp. We've always had big issues with solar panels in the past, but it looks like for this trip we've got it sorted.

I'll be here next week. Basecamp will be on the moraine in the bottom left of the photo.