Saturday, February 11, 2012

Talk in Cockermouth

This Wednesday (the 15th), i will be giving a talk in Cockermouth about the world of hard alpine climbing. I will be talking about the fun times, the scary times, the cool places, the really cold places and all illustrated by awesome photos blown up on a projector for full impact.
       If you're free, get yourself to the saints rooms for 7pm. It should be a fun night.

Friday, February 3, 2012

International Meet

I've just returned from hosting at the international meet at Glenmore Lodge in Scotland. I'd always wanted to attend an international meet, as they always seem to be a fun week packed full of socialising, climbing hard and meeting interesting foreign climbers.
       For me the week wasn't about trying to climb hard stuff, it was about making sure my guest had a great time, and would leave having had a great experience of Scottish climbing. It was therefore a pretty chilled week as far as climbing went.
       When myself and Greg arrived on the Sunday night, we excitedly located the "partners board" so we could find out who we had the pleasure of tying in with the next day......

Takaaki "Taka" Negato  was to be my first partner of the week, and i made sure the drinks flowed slower than usual that night, i needed strength, for the next day i was going to be tied in with a real life Giri Giri boy!! (albeit a severely jet lagged one)

Myself on Ventriloquist VII 7.

And on the spicy crack.
Taka walking up Auricle VI 7. Taka is one of the most stylish winter climbers i've climbed with, impeccable  footwork whether on a grade 4 or grade 8.
Myself on the long second pitch of "Nocando Crack" VII 8, and Matej  from Slovenia seconding  "The Vicar" VII 8.

After 2 days everyone changed partners. I then climbed with the lovely Martina Kratochvilova from the Czech Republic for the remainder of the week. Unfortunately my camera became very temperamental for this period......but lots of fun was had, with routes done in the Gorms and on the Ben. 

Martina, myself, Jen, Polish Guy, Rob and Matej try and escape the damp confines of Newtyle quarry. This was the only day too warm to climb.
Martina leading off on the Ben. So to avoid the crowds on No. 3 gully buttress, and to give Martina a "bigger" Ben experience, we climbed a line based on "Smooth Operator" VI 7, but taking the steep bits full on, so Martina could practice her fig 4's.....

Simon persuades the ladies that "White Goods" is the place to be. Other  "Goods" crew  members; Dave A and Dave G prop the bar up, and were the last standing on this night.
Last night antics, Nick gets an idea, Martina and Viv shield their eyes. (Not sure whats in my mouth?)
Driving past Carlisle on my way back to Cumbria i was greeted by a totally white mountain vista, so my plans for hanging up the axes for the next week may not follow through.