Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Not for the first time this week, i logged in to Facebook this morning to be greeted by an album of photos from a friend's successful Alaskan spring. To counter the liquid jealousy that started coursing through my body as i sat scrolling through the photos, i reminded myself of what you gain when you think you're missing out.

Although devoid of big adventures and hair-rasing, digit-freezing routes, the last few months have been crammed full of more pleasurable activities.

The awesome crag of "Euskal" Val Pennavaire Italy. Lots of trips to this valley over the last couple months.
A classic 7b+ at Bionassay - the best sport cliff within 30 mins of Cham, (by a long way....) . I've spent a lot of time here in the past, but i've still barely made an impression on the amount of great routes there.
A slide we triggered skiing in the Oberland this Spring.
Rob Greenwood teetering up the bold classic "Supernatural" on Gable last weekend.
I'm off to Pakistan in August, which gives me plenty of time to train like crazy and work the rest of the time. Details on the Pakistan trip to follow...