Thursday, March 17, 2011

This Week.

Well i can't believe its mid March!! the Foehn of late has been doing an excellent job of stripping the little snow there was left beneath 2500 meters, and some miracles are gonna have to be worked if the pistes are to be kept open any time in to April!
       Yesterday i was at GM and did three laps of the Pierre a Ric to equate to 2300 meters of ascent. And the day before i had a good training day with 1000 meters ascent in the morning followed by reps of routes at Le Fayet in the afternoon. My training has slacked off in the last few weeks, partly due to my training slope behind the house melting away!! So the last two days have been good for getting back in the swing of it.
    Here's a short little movie from Bjarne of myself climbing the top pitch of "Nuit Blanche", then talking some more bullshit.
     My dissing of skiiers is purely in jest! seriously!.........

William Sim - Ice Climbing from Bjarne Sahlen on Vimeo.

More from Bjarne here- .

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