Saturday, March 19, 2011


This morning i booked flights to Alaska for May. I was in Alaska last year, we were thwarted by phenomenally poor weather while attempting a gob-smacking new line. Although frustrating, the trip was also eye opening. Alaska is where its at, its big and bad. Yet in a way just like a huge version of the Mont Blanc massif with no town, and add another 1500 meters to all the faces.
         I'll be heading out with my main alpine partner, Jon Griffith, but we'll be sharing camps with some American and Chamonix-based friends, hopefully making for a fun trip. We're both tingling with nerves/excitement for our objective.
      Other Brits out this year, Matt and Jon have their eyes set on something cool-  .
ALASKA! myself on the "shaft", Moonflower, Mount Hunter.

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