Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bruno Gouvy on the Dru.

A friend showed me this awesome little vid of Bruno Gouvy doing his famous descent of the dru via sky-dive, abseil, snowboard then parapente. In the 80's Bruno Gouvy along with Jean Marc Boivin and others were obsessed in linking mountain sports such as climbing, skiing, boarding, parapenting, basejumping, hangliding etc, together in an awesome environment. Unfortunately, as you'll see in this clip, they were on the whole dependent on large support teams, helicopters and a huge amount of cash. (Where this came from i'm never too sure). There are countless examples, but this is one of the few to have found its way on to youtube.
     Make sure to watch his totally out of control landing on the summit many times, and try and work out what he was trying to do!?   Its 80's frenchies at their best, colourful lycra, headbands and chisseled jaw and cheekbones. Aso note Bruno's colour co-ordination with the helicopter. Enjoy!

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