Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trapped in El Chalten

The last week or so has been spent down here in Chalten. Chalten's a funny little village, which has only existed for about thirty years, thriving off the back of the trecking routes in and around the ice-cap. There's not much to do here other than move from one cafe to the next, trying to track down the strongest internet connection (5 minutes to open google home page is pretty fast here).
       We check the meteograms every few hours and analyze the changes in precipitation and wind speed/direction religiously. Every now and then a glimmer of hope appears, then the window will get pushed back until it doesn't exist any more. We were meant to begin the long walk up to our tent and stash this morning, however we woke up to fresh snowfall and heavy winds.
     It looks like the west face of Cerro Torre is off the cards now due to weather. But i'm not as bothered as i would have expected, after seeing the amount of equally impressive objectives to go for, and after having climbed Standhardt by the completely awesome "Exocet".
The twice daily ritual of analyzing the updated meteo-graphs.
      Right, i'm off for a quick session on the ever dry boulders just outside the village- one of the plus points of Chalten.

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