Wednesday, December 15, 2010

East face of Cerro Piergiogio

We've just returned from our latest stint in the mountains. This time we managed to climb the East face of Cerro Piergiogio. This beautiful face was climbed in the mid 60's over three days with fixed ropes by Jorge and Pedro Skvarca. Its a great line, great climbing and great summit. We climbed it in a long day from our base camp in the torres valley, freeing two of the three hardest pitches at a bold feeling VII. Going off Rolo Garibotti's incredible knowledge of the area it would appear to be the second ascent.

Crux Pitch.

It was an excellent day. One which i shall recount fully when i'm not in a fly infested cafe in the middle of nowhere. Jon, being the budding photographer that he is, has put up some great shots here-  .

A storm was rolling in over the ice cap just as we topped out, which made the descent interesting. This was taken halfway down.

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