Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random few days in the Hebrides.

Here's a few pictures from 5 days spent on the Isle of Barra in the outer Hebrides of Scotland, a 60th birthday present for my Dad, who lived on the island in 1974 while commisioning a "Decca" radar transmitter.
        I was last in the Hebrides 14 years ago at the age of 6, so it was interesting to revisit this fascinating and beautiful chain of islands that mark the western most reaches of all the Scottish islands.
       Unfortunately, despite there being some of the most amazing gneiss (or maybe rock full stop) in the country, and some gogarth-sized cliffs that are relatively unexplored, i was without a motivated partner, and as my mum kept reminding me, this was a "none-climbing-focused" family holiday.

Rather than taking the Calmac ferry from Oban, we flew from Glasgow, which definitely makes the islands feel less remote. Barra is apparently the only place in the world where there are scheduled flights on to a tidal beach. This is Flybe's only Twin Otter.

The Hebrides from the air.

Me and my sister bouldering on the "Wave Wall" of the north coast.

This wide wall was made for climbing on.

Amazing sculpted jugs, crimps and breaks everywhere. I must get myself to Pabbay next year!!

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