Thursday, October 28, 2010

Joe Puryear

News is just filtering through of the death of Joe Puryear in Tibet. Noone knows for sure what happened as of yet, but it seems that he fell through a cornice of some sort, unroped and away from his partner.
        I never met the guy, but his and Mark Westman's fantastic photo's of hard iconic Alaskan climbs (of which they seem to have done all of), are partly what made me want to go to Alaska in the first place.
       A case of a talented and phenomenally experienced climber "fucking up" in a simple way, not for the first or last time. Although i have been aware of cases such as these happening ever since i got in to climbing, and even after having had a good friend die from a similarly "stupid" error, i don't think i'll ever stop finding it scary.....

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