Friday, May 6, 2011


I'm currently in Alaska. We've just finished the brain-numbing tasks of food shopping for a month of food appropriate for life at 4000 metres, and then de-packaging everything then re-packaging everything in carefully calculated portions of zip-lock bags. All off the back of a sleepless 26 hours (the jet-lag to AK is horrific!).
       My credit card has been having a stressful time, with the worst to come - paying for our ski-plane drop off! Jon and Matt left last night and are probably carrying loads to the bottom of their route on the Kahiltna glacier as i type ( ). Other friends are arriving in Anchorage as we speak and we will probably all cross paths in Talkeetna tonight or tomorow.
        So next step: drive north to Talkeetna, pack our sledges and kit, have a drunken night in the Fairview then meet our pilot and get dropped off in the range sometime tomorrow!
       I'll hopefully have some interesting stories and good photos to post in a few weeks time.
Ciao for now.

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